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Whether you are looking to turn over a new leaf in life or trying to figure out how to manage the current things happening in your life. KMS 1:1 Coaching is the place for you. 



biz growth

Looking to start your own business but don’t know how or where to start? Need help with logistic planning and keeping on track? Well KMS is the place for you and your business to get started from the ground up. 




Do you need a social media manager, content for your business, logos, websites, branding kits? Well KMS can get you what your business needs.

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About me

Hi, I'm Kyy M.

I am a lifestyle blogger who specializes in mental health, relationships, self-love, and more. I wanted to take it a step deeper and become a life coach to help even more people get a better understanding of their life.


I am also a business coach who helps people who want to start up their business. On top of that, I am a content creator. I know jack of all trades here. While attending Southeastern Louisiana University, I studied Business Management and Marketing with a minor in Fashion. 


I love helping people and getting them to the places that they want to be. 


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